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When your relationship isn’t working, life feels hard.

I Get It.

Feelings of resentment, a sense of disconnection, and difficult communication can be incredibly painful. Most couples seeking therapy have exhausted their own efforts to improve things and feel discouraged or worse, hopeless.

You might even feel unable or unwilling to keep trying because the relationship has been traumatized by infidelity, neglected for too long, or otherwise injured in some major way.


If your relationship has begun to feel strained. If you’re feeling frustrated and lonely. If silences are getting longer or you’re avoiding difficult conversations, and even small disagreements drive you further apart, don't give up hope...


Couples therapy might be exactly what you both need.

Dandelion with some seeds dispersed by the wind

A Better Relationship Is Possible

Two dandelions growing close together in a tree stump

Imagine how you would feel if your relationship were working and felt strong. What would you be capable of if your relationship were a supportive, secure base that fueled you rather than a source of stress and struggle?


What if, together, you were able to:

  • Communicate more easily and openly

  • See each other’s perspective and feel empathy for one another’s struggles

  • Navigate disagreements constructively and find win-win solutions together

  • Feel confident that your person has your back

  • Feel more understood and accepted by your partner

  • Feel safe and at ease with each other

  • Know how to help each other with the ups and downs of life​

  • Repair and rebuild trust that is solid and lasting​

  • Rekindle the intimacy and joy that brought you together in the first place

  • Have fun again

Couples therapy can support you in achieving goals like these. Research shows that therapy can positively change your thinking, beliefs, emotions, and behaviors. It can help you fix bad habits, resolve resentments, and work through painful experiences.


When your relationship is strong, everything in life feels just a little bit easier.

Working With Me

Therapy with me consists of in-person sessions with both of you present.  Each session will provide you with a safe space to be heard and understood. You'll be able to express your thoughts and feelings, knowing your flaws and vulnerabilities are welcome here.


Together, we'll explore what's working and what’s not in your relationship and create a plan for making things better. Our time together will be supportive of you both and focused on problem-solving. My intention is to help you reach your goals and to support you in building or rebuilding the relationship you long for.


I bring a warm and purpose-driven energy to every session, offering a compassionate and practical style that, while sometimes challenging, is always tender-hearted and kind.

During our work together, you can:

  • ​Be fully yourselves in a safe, non-judgemental space.


  • Explore what’s really happening so you can start working on the right problem(s).


  • Look at how your upbringing and attachment styles might be affecting your relationship.


  • Learn principles and practice skills that foster healing and create a happier relationship.

  • Get support feeling seen, heard and understood by your partner.

  • Start to understand your part in the relationship dynamic so you can do better.

  • Work towards a deeper, more compassionate understanding of yourself and your partner.

  • Set meaningful goals and work towards reaching them as quickly as possible.


  • And if a betrayal has occurred, begin the systematic work of repairing and rebuilding a future where trust, safety, and joy can exist again.

Close-up of a couple holding hands with their fingers interlaced.

Getting Started

Step 1

Consult Call
(15 Minutes)

Call or email to let me know a good time to connect. During our call you can share what’s happening, ask any questions you may have, and we can explore how I can help. 

Step 2

Initial Session
(2 Hours)

If we're a good fit, we'll schedule your 2-hour couples intake. This valuable session provides a strong start towards understanding what’s really happening, why you’re stuck, and what we'll do about it.

Step 3

Regular Sessions
(90 Minutes)

We will meet regularly so you and your partner can focus on your relationship. You'll have my support and a dedicated time together to start resolving issues and making progress towards your goals.

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